Who is Bryan Sanders?

A 21-year (and counting!) high school English teacher with a postmodern Shakespeare Snapchat Lebowski Muppet skateboarder vibe, who has California and National teaching credentials, a Bachelors and a Masters degree, and also studies now for his Doctoral degree — that’s who he is!

You can count Bryan Sanders among the innovators, the intellectuals, and the seekers. Currently researching and developing educational-use software to disrupt traditional K20 schooling practices, this Social Justice worker is a fearless compatriot of the downtrodden, the tenderhearted, and the disenfranchised. A husband, a dad, a skateboarder, a writer, a thinker, an artist — Bryan is always looking, always nostalgic, always collaborative, always hopeful, always humorous, always loyal, always thinking, always dreaming, always making.

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