I spotted a Minecraft Irish Elk

Minecraft Education Tweet Meet

On 09/17/19, I will participate as a host in a global Twitter chat regarding Teaching and Learning with Minecraft. I appreciate this opportunity, and I thank Microsoft and TweetMeet for extending it.

Minecraft as an educational tool sparks my imagination and gets me excited about school, thinking, inventing, and creating every day. Since the game’s inception, I have been playing with my adult friends, my child, and all of my child’s friends. I have created summer camps for kids, brought the game to my classroom as a teacher, taught adults and educators how to play, and engaged in years of building and dreaming with friends across the globe. When #MinecraftEdu became an official software development of Microsoft, I knew that we would see great things ahead.

Learning about Minecraft Irish Elks

We are there. The great things are happening now. Minecraft: Education Edition has opened up new potentials, new possibilities, new ways to dream and think with computers. If you can think it, you can build it. With a refreshed collaborative spirit towards teaching, learning, thinking, and building, Minecraft: Education Edition could be the next best school we have not yet made.

Students ought to think with computers, but too often teachers place them at computers. The computer is an object-to-think-with.

One problem facing computer use in the classroom resides in their long history of sitting in the corner or up against the wall. Even though we frequently use computers as a software terminal kiosk, we have also known for a long time that there was another way to work with computers and students. Minecraft is one of those other ways — so what are you waiting for?

I spotted a Minecraft Irish Elk

Students ought to think with computers, but too often teachers place students at computers. The computer is an object-to-think-with — an opportunity to extend and augment the human brain, not a push-button right-wrong answer machine. Minecraft: Education Edition has so much built in and ready-to-use. And with so much potential for you to build on your own, it will change school forever.

On 09/17/19, at 10am Pacific Time, an incredible group of educators worldwide will participate in a Twitter discussion about using Minecraft for teaching and learning. I hope you will join in, share some ideas, learn some ideas, and begin or continue your own journey into rethinking education with students.

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