I am a Doctor of Education, a National Board Certified Teacher, a Minecraft Global Mentor, and a member of AERA, AECT, and AACE. I am a career educator who researches and blends critical theory, computers, and constructivism. I have a California Teaching Credential, I am Google Certified, I am an Apple Teacher, and I am a Microsoft Expert. I love Muppets, Shakespeare, and skateboarding.

I am of the mindset that we have not yet fully harnessed what teachers and students can do with computers as part of the teaching and learning cycle. You can count me among the innovators, the intellectuals, and the seekers. I work for social justice through education. I am currently researching and developing educational-use software to disrupt traditional K20 schooling practices. I am a husband, a dad, a skateboarder, a writer, a thinker, and an artist. I am always looking, always nostalgic, always collaborative, always hopeful, always humorous, always loyal, always thinking, always dreaming, always making.