internet desert

img_5988To help this work along, further research is needed on the demographic makeup of students concurrently online during school hours on school networks. This information would allow for STEAMHAMLET to address the digital divide and be part of increasing equity and access in existing school sites that are online. Additionally, research on the “Internet deserts” would allow for more targeted infrastructural improvements that could be a part of STEAMHAMLET from another social justice angle to address bringing communities to a broadband network.

Studies have been completed already to inform us about the 500,000 jobs in computing that are unfilled in the year 2016. ( Expanding our school programs to return to the computer science coursework that were once standard practice would help prepare students to obtain jobs that they may not even know they were interested in, and furthermore could bring about a new innovation that might assist human society in saving itself from any number of man-made or natural disasters.