Who is Bryan Sanders?

I am a National Board Certified Teacher, I have a California Teaching Credential, I will soon hold three degrees, I am Google Certified, a Microsoft Expert, and have just recently been selected by Microsoft to serve as a Global Minecraft Mentor, which is a worldwide program for 340 educators in 70 countries. I am a career educator with a postmodern Shakespeare Snapchat Lebowski Muppet skateboarder vibe.

I chose the high school English classroom because I see it as an open space to integrate all of the content areas. I am not a ‘test questions at the back of the book’ teacher. I work to engage in authentic dialogue and inquiry with students about texts, and I also help them to develop critical and questioning minds about the many layers in a text. I strive to do it all: I encourage and nurture new syntactical forms and I also directly teach the rules of sentence diagrams; I explore word play and language games and I also teach high level academic research essay writing about literature.

Technology and the arts have a central place in my classroom and approach, where I create a space for students to work with (not at) computers to create meaningful, well-written content that is also aesthetically pleasing and artistically cohesive. I am of the mindset that we have not yet fully harnessed what teachers and students can do with computers as part of the teaching and learning cycle. To this end, I have also embarked upon my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership for Social Justice with a focus on Educational Technology.

You can count me among the innovators, the intellectuals, and the seekers. I work for social justice through education. I am currently researching and developing educational-use software to disrupt traditional K20 schooling practices. I am a husband, a dad, a skateboarder, a writer, a thinker, and an artist. I am always looking, always nostalgic, always collaborative, always hopeful, always humorous, always loyal, always thinking, always dreaming, always making.

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